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Breath of Nature Tournament, Harrisburg

Young's Fall Martial Arts Tournament
Several Goshin Jutsu students participated in Young's Fall tournament. Below is a listing of the results. Despite lower than normal participation numbers, Goshin Justsu once again took the top honors for most points scored by a school in the bi-annual event.

Travis Young- Men's lightweight Black Belt-1st sparring
Jesse Bell-Black Belt-1st sparring
Emily Bell-Juniors Brown Belt-2nd sparring, 3rd forms
John Poor-Senior Division-Green Belt-1st sparring
Jason Poor-Children Division-yellow belt 2nd sparring
Jerry French Executive Men Black Belt 2nd forms, 3rd sparring
Joe Brague, Jr. - Men's Heavyweight Black Belt-1st sparring; 3rd forms, 3rd weapons;
Grand Champion Winner sparring
Mitchell Gartner-Children Division Green Belt-1st forms
Cody Schamberg-Juniors Black Belt-2nd weapons, 3rd forms, 2nd sparring
Noah Mothersbaugh-Children's division-Medal
Abigail Patel Children Division 13 and under-1st place Forms
Bryan Patel-children's division 13 and under- first in forms and sparring, 2nd place for weapons.
Hunter Dean-Children's division-2nd forms, 1st sparring
Allen Luddy. Men's white belt. Participation.

A Brand New School
A brand new school will open under the direction of Jeffrey Turner in Lock Haven this Saturday, September 12th. This is one of Master Jerry Lepley's students. We wish him well!

Jeffrey Turner
219 S. Main St.
Jersey Shore, PA 17740


Posted Sunday, October 18, 2009
2009 Jonathan Poor-
1st place Forms
2nd place Kumite

Jason Poor
2nd place Kumite

Posted Wednesday, July 29, 2009
2009 Keystone Games
Goshin Jutsu Karate was well represented in the 2009 Pennsylvania Keystone Games with over 20 medals overall.

Participants and results are listed below, pictured left to right:
Master Jerry French-
GOLD MEDAL 65+ Male Weapons, Black Belt
SILVER MEDAL 60+ Male Kumite, Black Belt
GOLD MEDAL 65+ Male Kata, Black Belt

Joe Brague-
SILVER MEDAL 20-34 Male Weapons, Black Belt
GOLD MEDAL 20-34 Male Kata, Black Belt
GOLD MEDAL 20-34 Male Kumite, Black Belt
GOLD MEDAL 20-28 Male Kumite, Black Belt
GOLD MEDAL Team Kumite

George Bierman-
GOLD MEDAL 45-54 Male Weapons, Black Belt
GOLD MEDAL 45-54 Male Kata, Black Belt
GOLD MEDAL 45-54 Male Kumite, Black Belt
GOLD MEDAL Team Kumite

Grand Master Brague

Master Michelle Brague
SILVER MEDAL 45-54 Female Forms, Black Belt

Ryan Brague
BRONZE MEDAL 20-34 Male Kumite, Black Belt

GOLD MEDAL Team Kumite

Not Pictured:

Dane Woodruff-
GOLD MEDAL 13-15 Male Kumite, Brown Belt

Zoraya McKernan-
BRONZE MEDAL 13-15 Female Wepons, Brown Belt

Kira McGroaty-
GOLD MEDAL 16-19 Female Weapons, Brown Belt
GOLD MEDAL 16-19 Female Kumite, Brown Belt

Brittany Woodruff-
BRONZE MEDAL 16-19 Female Weapons, Black Belt

Jonathan Poor-

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